At the beginning of the 20th century, the refined women who set the fashion trend perfumed their fingers with a rare scent called "extract". Then the habit of perfuming oneself after the morning toilet settled in the bourgeoisie and the eau de toilette appeared, soon replaced by the eau de parfum.

Maison ST Parfum, French Riviera's primary objective is to choose precious, rare and refined materials, in respect of the environment, in partnership with an ECOCERT licensed lab, all of which come from the luxury perfume industry in Grasse, the world capital of perfume, on the French Riviera.
Today, eau de parfum remains precious because of its rare and noble raw materials, but also heady because of its strength and its concentration of ingredients with intoxicating charm.

Luxury perfumery offers its customers a part of mystery and dream in these eaux de parfum, which it wants to keep as a revelation of our most subtle senses and our deep sensuality. Our creator, Lora B, wanted, through the creation of these eaux de parfum, to help us rediscover the magic of our most intimate olfactory signature. Maison ST Parfum, French Riviera presents its limited edition Eau de Parfum collection with two chic and refined bottles:
-" BB" in homage to our muse -Brigitte Bardot, nicknamed by the whole world "BB", actress and singer who chose the region of Saint-Tropez and Ramatuelle to live in and - "Légende" to represent the birth of Maison ST Parfum and its first Tropéziennes scents, great legendary olfactory memories of the French Riviera region!

The luxury perfume house ST Parfum, French Riviera, comes from the high perfumery of Grasse, the world capital of perfume, and creates its custom-made perfumes in its workshops in Saint-Tropez and Grasse. Delicate and subtle perfumes composed of natural alcohols such as "red beetroot alcohol" based on eau de toilette.

0.20 cents of each purchase will be donated to the
ALDINIE Foundation, for the care of children.

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