Our fragrance designer was born in Corsica, a beautiful strong and free island where she used to run as a child trough fields of myrtle and immortal flower (helichrysum).

She then moved to Paris, the city Des Lumieres, before arriving in Saint Tropez. She fell in love with the village cradled by various scents, from the yellow pompoms of Mimosa, to the marines and woody notes of the harbours. From the fresh scent of the Platanes of the Place des Lices where Petanque is played daily. 

As a young woman, she first worked in gastronomy where she began exploring with flavours for her clients, before creating olfactory memories from her experiences in the village and her travels through scented candles, diffusers, cosmetics, and fragrances with her collections “Numero”, “Voyage”, and her limited edition “BB”, a collection developed in honour of Brigitte Bardot, internationally renowned star, and the symbol of Saint Tropez, and also the eau de parfum “Legende”.

Recently, she created a range of teas, and the “Hotels” collection. She is constantly in search of uthenticity, in creating a perfect olfactory memory which is deeply rooted in our souls.

Thank you for believing in her, and for your trust in Maison ST Parfums, French Riviera.