Maison ST, French riviera has high sustainability standards and strong desire to protect our environment. 

All our perfumes come from Grasse, the world’s perfume capital, and are made with natural beetroot alcohol, they are now developed in our creative studio, underneath our shop in Saint- Tropez, 12 rue de la Ponche. Our ingredients are not tested on animals, are without any GMO (genetically modified organism), our waxes are vegetal and completely natural.

Maison ST Parfum uses raw and precious ingredients sourced responsibly.
Our candles wicks are made with natural cotton, the glass jars are created one at the time, in a carefully crafted design.

Lora B, our perfume s designer, youthful and conscientious, was trained by the world’s best perfumers in order to achieve her vision in creating fragrances that would represent, as closely as possible, the magic of Saint Tropez and the Cote d Azur.

Lora B is passionate and driven by this constant search of creating fragrances that will transport you back in a memory of Saint Tropez.

Home diffusers, candles, soaps, Eaux de parfums or beauty products, all Maison ST products are directly coming from the high-end perfumery.

Our fragrances are presented in beautifully crafted bottles as well as our soaps and candles 200 gr, 45o gr or 1kg, which are all set in decorative glasses.