Maison ST Parfum invites you to discover a whole collection of eau de parfum created with care and precision. Woody, powdery, fruity, fresh, floral, citrus and spicy fragrances in the image of the French Riviera around Saint Tropez.
A wonderful olfactory playground is opened to you in these issues of the Terre d'Azur collection where Maison ST Parfum was able to draw inspiration from a wide range of fragrances, fungal, floral, iodized, amber or even leathery.
Our perfume creator -Lora B expresses in Terre d'Azur her olfactory Proust's madeleines, her intimate encounters with herself, happy meetings, bliss, happiness!
All our eaux de parfums awaken the senses and become, for those who know the French Riviera, magnificent perfumed reminiscences with rare ingredients and natural alcohols.
The precious and sacred eau de parfum is one of the paths to our soul, the essential of our being, the sublime touch of our beauty, it is like a second skin when the eau de parfum is well chosen.
Let's open our hearts together and let our soul breathe!
In Provence, the sun, the song of the cicadas, the spicy perfumes, the fine sandy beaches, the coastal paths are all fragrances so dear to the Mediterranean Sea.
The luxury perfumery house, French Riviera, comes from the high perfumery of Grasse, the world capital of perfume, and creates its custom-made perfumes in its workshops in Saint-Tropez and Grasse.
Delicate and subtle perfumes composed of natural alcohols such as "red beetroot alcohol" based on eau de toilette.

0.20 cents of each purchase will be donated to the
ALDINIE Foundation, for the care of children.